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A u to b i o g r a p h y

As a performer, I've worked with Bimbo Jet, La Fuersa Latina, Vito and the Salutations, Emiel Stuccio and the Classics, Freddy Scott and am currently working with Tony Dano and Manhattan Skyline.


I've also worked with Michlin and Company, Ann Bryant, Ford Kinder, Jeff Stern and written and performed withTrade Martin in an advertising jingle house on 56th Street in Manhattan that created many famous commercials like the theme for The Transformers, Pringles, My little Pony, to name a few


I've done extensive training and research as a vocal coach due to encountering vocal problems that reduced my range to half of what it was. It was the worst time of my life as a singer but the most challenging and rewarding as I mastered vocal techniques and regained my voice.I've studied with Bob Carlson, Anthony Frisell. 


When studying rock singing with Tony O'Hora I learned that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. I also learned how to mix the voice with falsettos and full and half voice techniques that I naturally had but didn't know how to sensorially identify. Singing is a constant splitting of hairs when it comes to the registers. The more you work on it the more subtleties are revealed. Yes you can improve voice with study. You need to be passionate in order to stick to it long enough to feel and hear the new qualities. If you are consistent then every 3 months you should be gaining qualities.

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